About Norling Camp Pangong

The camp has 18 Swiss deluxe tents with an attached lobby and well maintained western bathrooms. Our tents have been built to withstand harsh temperatures; build with the perfect combination of form and function. Our tents however are more than just ergonomic design. We have tried to imbibe the lawn and culture of our lands into your tents.

An extended back porch with a shower room (hot and cold water) and toilet is also provided to serve you at your convenience. The tents have wall to wall carpet and comfortable beds and is a genuine breath of fresh air from those usual rooms and normalcy.

Our on ground staff is more than happy to answer any of your queries and to be of service to you in any way possible.


Norling Camp Pangong
    • 18 Deluxe tents with attached bathrooms running hot and cold water.
    • Restaurant facility.
    • Traditional Dinning Hall furnished with local style, accommodates 40 Guest at a Time.
    • Campfire (on demand at minimal charge).
    • Culture program (on demand and charge).
    • Specious Parking Facility.


    Guests can enjoy the on-site multi-cuisine restaurant. Free private parking is available on site, we cook meals indigenous to the land and look to make bring together cuisines that have been influenced with every guest that we've had stay with us at The Norling Camp Tsomoriri.

    • Things to do around Tsomoriri

      Watch Sunrise:

      Watch the sunrise from the lake's shore, observing the different colours the lakes on as the Sun climbs higher.

    • Village Visit:

      This was village Purga on our way to Tso moriri. It was a surreal landscape, devoid of colour. Yet, there was something hauntingly beautiful about these villages. It could be the romance of an isolated life so evidenced by these surroundings. Or the constant reminder, that there is just one force that controls life here: nature!

    • Monastery Visit:

      Tso Moriri along with the Tso Moriri - Tso Kar circuit is very popular especially amongst the wildlife enthusiasts. Korzok Monastery is located by the banks of Tso Moriri. Chumathang on the way to Tso Moriri is famous for the Chumathang Hotsptings.

    • Stargazing-Enjoy:

      Watch the view of the night sky here, considered one of the best in the world. Make sure to acquaint yourself with some basic astronomy to make full use of the splendid view.